About HOOH

Welcome! HOOH is a social network of new age.

Everyone here could participate in and enjoy to Create, social, curate, vote, operate and all other fun activities, which would all bring profits.

About $ORE

What is $ORE

$ORE is token used in HOOH at current stage. $ORE could be abtained through creation and engagements, such as posts, likes and comments. $ORE could be spent to unlock mutilple functions in HOOH, and could be traded for NFT.

How to earn $ORE

There are various ways to earn $OREs in HOOH, which concluded in 2 groups: POW (Proof of Work) and influence.

Proof of Work: revenues earned from proactive engagements including viewing, commenting, giving likes, and uploading templates successfully. Different behaviors are measured different in earning $OREs. They weight like: Successful Template posting > commenting > likes giving > viewing By continuous creation and engagements, you will receive countless $OREs!

Influence: After posting a creation, influence will be quantified through algorithm, and will represent as $OREs allocating to the creator. Influence will generate continues revenues, therefore, maximizing influence will maximize profits for creating posts and templates.  What decides influence: –  Influence of a post: calculated from numbers of comments, likes, and the extension of time. –  Influence of a template: calculated from numbers of uses, and influence of the post using this template.  Inconclusion, the more attractive the posts and templates are, the more influence they will drive, hence more revenue generated.

Usage of $ORE

1. List posts to Vote

Spend a certain amount of $ORE to list post in Vote. When a post receives enough votes, it will be pushed to Square which leads to more exposure and more attention, hence more influence.

2. Change Social Pin

Every user will obtain a Social Pin for free when enter HOOH. Later change or modify for a new social pin will cost a certain amount of $OREs.

3. Delete Personal Trends

In HOOH all personal trends are automatically public. If a user would like to delete a trend, it will cost a certain amount of $OREs.

About Post Creation

How to create a post

Create in 3 secondsInput texts and get 50 automatically recommended images in various styles with text layouts. Choose one you like and complete your creation.

Step 1 Input texts

Input texts in text box on create page.


Step 2 Choose an image 

Choose an image you like the most to enter image edit page. Of course, you could also click “+” on the upper left on Select Image page to insert a local image, or enter Template Gallery at the bottom right to browse more


Step 3. Edit image and text layout

On image edit page, click “pencil” icon to edit texts and layout. Click “T” icon to adjust font, size and color of the texts. Click “→”to Post page.


Step 4. PostOn post page

you could:

  • Add #hashtags for a post for more exposures
  •  Spend $OREs to list a post to Vote. When receive enough vote, this post will be pushed to Square which will receive more exposures and revenues.
  • If you choose to “Post to My Homepage only” (for free), it will show on Homepage – Posts. If you would like to list your post to Vote, you can go to Homepage – Posts, choose the one you would like to list to Vote, click “…” on the upper right, and choose “move into vote list”.

Revenues from creation

All publicly created posts got chance to be browsed, commented, liked and shared by other users. When a post raises engagements, its creator will receive influence revenues accordingly. Hence, a popular creation will bring its creator descent profits.

About Template

What is a template

Besides create text/image posts, a user could also create templates from local images. It will be displayed in Template Gallery after review. It could be used to make posts for other users, and could be minted as NFTs.  After a template is created, its creator will not only receive a one-time incentive at the time the template is displayed in the Template Gallery, the creator will also receive continuous royalties from influence revenues of the posts using this template.  P.S. The copyright of a template belongs to its creator.

Usage of $ORE

Step 1. Upload Image

On Template Gallery page, click “Create Template” at lower right corner to choose local image or shoot a new photo to make a template.


Step 2. Edit Image

After choosing an image, modify the image to be a better template by moves below: 1. Tailor: drag and tailor the border of the image to adjust display area. 2. Resize: resize the image and drag to change the focus position 3. Adjust background color: double click background to change its color. (black/white)


Step 3. Add text box

After adjusting image, you need to define the default values of area and color for text input. As a good template, text input area should nice match suitable area on the image, this would make it easier to pass the review, and it’s nicer for other users to use it creating posts, which will increase the uses of this template, hence more profits.


Step 4. Add tag

Last step, you only need to complete template creation by adding suitable tags. It would be better that tags are relevant to the image, which could make this template more profitable through being easier to be found and automatically matched by relevant texts and themes.


After template creation, it will enter review process. When it passes the review, its creator will receive $OREs from successfully create this template. At the same time, this template will display on the top pate of Template Gallery, and automatically matched image page for other users creating posts.

About Social Pin

What is Social Pin

An NFT could obtain in HOOH through mutually following. Social Pin represents the scarcity of social relations. With the increase of your influence and fame, the value of your Social Pin will also rise.

How to create Social Pin

Coming soon……

About Vote

On Vote page, you can vote for posts you like or you believe to be worth discussing. When votes on a post reach a certain number, this post will be pushed to the Square page and be seen by the crowds. From then, creator of this post will start to receive influence revenues, and you as its voter will also receive doubled browser incentives.

Mint NFT

Coming Soon……

NFT Market

Coming Soon……

About Account

Deactivate your account

Please follow the format to send email to :support@hooh.zone

  • Title: Deactivate my account + nick name + user ID
  • Text: Screenshot of your homepage

P.S. accounts cannot be reactivate after deactivation, all assets in this account will be burned.

Appeal for disabled account

Please follow the format to send email to : support@hooh.zone

  • Title: Appeal for disabled account + nick name + user ID
  • Text: reason of appeal + evidence


Coorperation: hooh-contact@hooh.zone

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