HOOH is not merely a NFT marketplace, but a NFT world exploring more possibilities and scenarios for NFTs rather than just commodities, digital assets or speculations. We believe NFT must have more possibilities than just digital collection, and the real value of it could be more than just for speculations. If everything could be minted to NFT, then NFT should have a wide range of usage or at least same as minted before. In other words, NFT minting, should not be a process of narrowing the property of things, but empowering them.

We are trying to create more negotiability for NFTs under various scenarios, which current NFT marketplaces fail to provide. Users are able to view, experience, discuss, and play with them, any may have the chance to explore more possibilities of it, and most importantly, create. In HOOH, NFTs are generated through users’ all kinds of activities. Some of them are creation as arts, some of them naturally formed as a meme during daily engagements.

In detail, there are 5 major differences so far:

  1. Curation – In HOOH, NFTs could be curated by a user as long as owners allow him or her to. In this way, one could select a group of NFTs under a theme or a narrative that he or she creates, and present his or her own understandings or feelings NFTs selected. This is a re-creation, and would generate more exposure to many NFTs. It will definitely bring more possibilities to NFTs and their owners. It’s just as significant as a painting curation could be to the paintings curated, their painters, and their owners. Both curator and NFT owners will benefit from the curation, and they will share the profit. Maybe one is not good at creating images, music, or video, neither good at writing text content. However, he or she may have good taste, or be very sensitive in using other people work to tell his or her own story. As I stated, HOOH is creating every way to encourage creation, and we hope everyone could find a position in this community.
  2. Engagements – Since every post could be minted to NFT, many NFTs in HOOH are originally Users’ posts or templates. Users may get engagements on the each NFT. The engagements are not solely for speculation as in other marketplaces, but more like to a post, a content, a creation, something people would really enjoy, have fun and talk about. Users would social around a NFT in HOOH, which naturally creates more possibility of value and negotiability for this NFT.
  3. Loyalties – A template NFT doesn’t have to be sold to earn profit. Every time it’s used by a text content creator, the template creator will receive some copyright loyalty. And from a template’s loyalty history, other users could see how popular this template is, and the selling price could rise. When its sold, the latter owner of this template NFT will continue to receive the loyalties in the future. In other words, one doesn’t only buy an NFT, but also buy its loyalties. Users could also bring in their NFTs from other platforms and present as templates in HOOH. They may also receive revenue from loyalties even if they are listing these NFTs in other marketplaces at the same time.
  4. Social Pin – There are different types of NFTs in HOOH, one of them represents a relation that’s scarce in social network, mutually following. We call this type of NFT social pin for now. Everyone will have a social pin from the start. You can either generate one randomly, or draw one by your own. When you mutually follow someone, you two will exchange your social pin automatically. Collecting social pin could be tricky because you need to get the person follow you back to receive his or her social pin. Also, you could re-generate or re-draw your social pin whenever you want. For those who eventually become KOL in HOOH would probably use a new social pin to create scarcity, or they could release different social pins in different phases of their growth in this community.
  5. Avatar – We will have an avatar NFT, called Hermmon. Every user will have a unique Hermmon since each of it records the paths a user experiences in HOOH. For example, if major activities a user has in HOOH is to leave comments, his or her Hermmon may.

We have a future plan of building channels and holding activates to encourage community members to propose their own ideas about NFT and introduce them to the community with reward.=

We are expecting HOOH to be a place that NFTs are generated, enjoyed and massively discussed, which will link more ordinary people to NFT world and make NFT more interesting, useful, and hence more valuable. We will develop channels to assist people bringing in NFTs from platforms outside HOOH to increase their exposures, which may also increase their value.