The NFT ecosystem and social network

Create, Communicate, Incubate, Play

HOOH is an innovative web3 project that combines an NFT ecosystem with a dynamic social network. Our platform is designed to cater to individuals and project teams who prioritize lifestyle, interests, and shared values. With HOOH, you enter a vibrant world of NFT creation, social networking, project incubation, marketing, distribution, community operation, and derivatives generation.

• Driven by intelligent toolkits, lucrative features, and an inspiring process, HOOH has already demonstrated its success with a thriving multimillion-strong community.

• Embracing engaging and diverse scenarios, HOOH fosters active sub-culture communities that ensure a fun and comprehensive experience for all users.

Create In 3 Seconds

Pave the way for all NFT creators and communities, from both web 3 and web 2

NFT creation and exploration are accessible to everyone, and HOOH empowers users with remarkable tools for effortless creation and enjoyable social experiences through streamlined processes, as validated by millions of users. Starting with a simple piece of text, users can seamlessly generate a captivating array of NFT templates that align with the content’s meaning or mood. By selecting a template, an intriguing and vibrant new representation is brought to life, enhancing the overall appeal and interest.

Social Pin, re-illustrating social relationships

Tokenize scarce social relations and draw a social graph for individuals and groups

Scarce social relationships hold immense value, just like experienced and reputable social identities. In HOOH, rather than traditional gestures like handshakes or hugs, users have the opportunity to exchange NFTs, known as Social Pin, showcasing a tangible proof of their exclusive social connections. This unique approach allows users to build their own coveted social circles and establish a follower equity system. These NFTs can also be treated as negotiable assets, enabling users to redesign and trade them as desired. As users’ reputation and influence grow within HOOH, the value of their Social Pin may increase.

They can continually recreate Social Pins based on demand, creating a dynamic market for these collectibles. Moreover, when users mutually follow more than two individuals, a Social Pin matrix is formed, drawing a comprehensive social graph for users within the matrix, further enriching their social experience.

Hermmon, redefining social identity

A readable growing and evolving SBT

In HOOH, users have a dynamic avatar called Hermmon a living SBT(Soul bound Token) that records their reputation, participation, accomplishments, skills, and more. Hermmon’s appearance can be customized with outfits and gadgets, which can be traded. Through campaigns and activities, Hermmons can mutate. Users can even engage in battles with their Hermmons, showcasing deliberate design and strategy. Join HOOH and experience the immersive world of Hermmon avatars, where your achievements come to life.

Let NFT go viral and produce more value

More scenarios, more consensus and more possibilities

NFTs go beyond being just the end result of creation; they encompass the process, serve as a form of expression, and act as the "key" to unlock features, gameplay, and benefits within communities.

Connect NFT “silos” to be a community

Breakout from the original circle to foster the sharing and expansion of consensus and value.

HOOH breaks free from traditional NFT silos by fostering cross-chain and cross-platform collaboration. It creates a multi-dimensional maze where NFT communities and projects influence and inspire each other. Through the CC0 protocol, this generates new consensus and promotes the development of the derivative ecosystem.

In HOOH, NFTs can be project-led or community-driven, catering to various user needs. The platform builds a self-consistent cycle, encompassing creation, issuance, distribution, community operation, and derivative generation. This interlocking cycle unifies interests and fosters mutual benefit among all participant groups.

Polis, a subculture group from users

Aggregate consensus by lifestyle, value and interests

A Polis in HOOH empowers users to establish their own subculture groups as consensus circles, allowing them to define their community rights and rules autonomously as a DAO. Serving as a vital unit, a Polis enables the entire lifecycle of an NFT project, from incubation and publication to long-term community operation and the development of derivative projects based on previous NFTs. Individuals or groups, such as influential figures (KOLs) or cross-platform/cross-chain NFT projects with existing consensus, can seamlessly transition into HOOH by forming a Polis with their followers. The Polis provides a dedicated space for depositing and accumulating ideas, fostering potential NFT projects, and solidifying consensus.

* Coming soon…


Open the mystery box of unlimited possibilities with AIGC

HOOH, in conjunction with AIGC, brings an exciting element of fun and limitless possibilities to the ecosystem, akin to opening a mystery box. AIGC offers various functionalities such as generating posts or templates based on text input and creating new Social Pins. In the case of Polis, AIGC can even be used to generate Hermmon gadgets for Polis bounty programs. Users can engage with AIGC by refining the text inputs as “Spells,” and sophisticated Spells can be traded in the market, adding a new dimension to user interaction. AIGC serves as a sophisticated tool, expanding user consensus and facilitating the formation of new subculture circles.

Ad NFT, rethinking of Ad space and time

A groundbreaking advertising tool and a fresh decentralized social style

Introducing Ad NFT, a decentralized method for distributing and trading advertisements. Users have the ability to sell available positions and time on their homepages as standardized Ad NFTs. The distribution of Ad NFTs is transparent and incurs low transaction costs. This innovation creates new opportunities and scenarios for NFT exposure and fosters the development of new consensus within the HOOH ecosystem. Ad hunters can now focus on exploring the Ad NFT market. Additionally, HOOH’s DID system provides comprehensive real-time data from multiple angles, aiding in the estimation of Ad NFT values. In the future, an Ad NFT futures market could even emerge, further enhancing the ecosystem.

Become an ever-growing ecosystem

Operate in self-consistency in a long run.

HOOH integrates NFT creation, social, incubation, publishing, post-publish community operation to be a cycle.



Stage I Q3 2023

Introducing the HOOH entrance, a powerful creation tool launching soon. This portal serves as the starting point, attracting users and gathering fragmented content to pave the way for the emergence of communities and potential NFT projects. A cross-chain and cross-platform NFT upload portal will be available, allowing NFT holders from outside of HOOH to join the community and contribute their own NFTs, fostering new consensus. Social Pins will be accessible for all new users to exchange and connect, while user data will be recorded from scratch to create a comprehensive DID and social graph. The curation function and NFT Keys will undergo internal testing, and the precursor to Polis, called "Topics," will be introduced to facilitate the initial formation of consensus circles within the ecosystem.

Stage II Q3-Q4 2023

Polis 1.0, featuring essential governance functions, will be unveiled. Users will have access to NFT Keys for public testing, which can be redeemed for an array of exciting new features, including multi-image support, audio and video integration, and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content). These additions will enhance the content within the ecosystem and unlock new possibilities for NFT projects. Users can now actively curate content, and with the launch of Ad NFT, a more dynamic NFT display space will be available, marking the beginning of a new era in Ad NFT trading and fostering an "Ad NFT Social" experience.

Stage III Q2 - Q3 2024

Continuously enhancing platform features and services, we are proud to introduce the process-oriented "incubation package" known as Egg. In addition to incubated NFT projects, users can now import various NFTs into designated marketplaces for seamless trading. Multimedia content curation will be unlocked, enabling users to showcase their curated content on external platforms for greater exposure and consensus-building. At this stage, HOOH will also launch Genesis NFT, ushering in a new era of innovation and creativity.

Stage IV Q2 2025

The comprehensive component generation process for Hermmon will be fully activated, offering a wide range of scenarios and gameplay features for both Polis and individual users. Polis will have the ability to publish Polis Hermmon, while the Social Pin Matrix will come into play. HOOH's DID function will be fully unlocked, enabling users to freely trade various parts of the ecosystem in the marketplace. This marks a significant milestone as different aspects of the HOOH ecosystem come together, providing a rich and dynamic experience for all users.


Our experienced team has been providing long-term consultation services in UI/UE designs, App development, and marketing solutions for global tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google for over a decade. We have also collaborated on various projects with renowned entities like Xi Qi Art, Rock Star Cui Jian, and Blizzard. Our team is known for being curious, creative, innovative, and down to earth.

In 2019, we successfully built a humorous yet informative popular science IP that amassed over 5 million fans online and garnered 600,000 followers on Bilibili account alone, leading to an exclusive broadcast contract with the platform.

During the same period, we developed and managed a user-generated content (UGC) community from scratch, which rapidly gained traction and received top awards from major domestic app stores within three months of its launch. This success enabled us to secure two rounds of financing, including investment from Mr. Gong Hongjia, a renowned angel investor in China and No. 144 on the 2021 Forbes Global List.

In 2021, our team collaborated closely with the NEAR Asia Pacific team to integrate Web3 concepts into our community of millions of users. Within six months, we successfully facilitated the creation of 100,000 NEAR wallet sign-ups, showcasing our commitment to exploring and implementing cutting-edge technologies in the Web3 space.