The NFT ecosystem and social network

Create, Communicate, Incubate, Play

HOOH is an NFT ecosystem and social network that are lifestyle, interests, and value oriented. It is a world of NFT creation, social networking, projects incubation, marketing, distribution, community operation, and derivatives generation

• Powered by clever toolkits, profitable functions and inspiring process, which has been proven by existing multi-million community
• Enabled by fun comprehensive scenarios and active sub-culture communitie

Create In 3 Seconds

Pave the way for all NFT creators and communities, from both web 3 and web 2

NFT is something everyone can create or play with. HOOH provides fantastic tools for easy creation and fun social with sleek processes, and it has been proved by millions of users. Users can start with a piece of text, and the system will automatically recommend to them a group of NFT templates related to the meaning or mood of your content. By choosing one of them, it will result in a new representation that may be more interesting and vivid

Social Pin, re-illustrating social relationships

Tokenize scarce social relations and draw a social graph for individuals and groups

Scarce social relations are valuable, so as experienced and reputable social identities. Instead of shaking hands or giving a hug, users can exchange NFTs in HOOH. It is a proof of scarce social relationship that builds up users own exclusive social circles and follower equity system. It could become negotiable assets as a user re-designing and trading it. The value of the Social Pin may increase while users’ reputation and influence grow in HOOH. They could recreate Social Pin repetitively according to demand. Collecting Social Pin will have the potential to produce a thriving Social Pin market. Mutually following over 2 people will form Social Pin matrix, which draws a social graph for users within the matrix.

Hermmon, redefining social identity

A readable growing and evolving SBT

In HOOH, there will be a living SBT that is dynamically recording a user’s accruing data in a form of an avatar, called Hermmon.

It demonstrates reputation, participation, accomplishments, skills and all else that are valuable to present, in forms of body parts, outfits, gadgets etc.

The avatar itself, as a Soul bound Token, is non-transferable. However, outfits or gadgets could be traded. Hermmons could mutate through campaigns and activities. Users could even battle with them under deliberate design.

Let NFT go viral and produce more value

More scenarios, more consensus and more possibilities

NFT is not only the result of creation, but also the process, and part of expression, as well as the "key" to unlock features, gameplay and benefits for communities

Connect NFT “silos” to be a community

Breakout from original circle to share and expand consensus and value

Unlike NFT projects elsewhere that are like “silos”, NFT communities and projects cross-chain and cross-platform join together in HOOH influence and inspire each other, and form a multi-dimensional maze. It generates more chemistry along with a large amount of new consensus promoting the development of the derivative ecosystem through CC0 protocol

In HOOH, NFT can be project-led or community driven. Various functions are overlaid to take into account the needs of ordinary users, artists, NFT investors and communities.

HOOH builds a self-consistent cycle, from NFT project creation/incubation, issuance, distribution and community operation, to later derivatives generation. All interlocking and mutually beneficial. And most importantly, it unifies interests from all groups together.

Polis, a subculture group from users

Aggregate consensus by lifestyle, value and interests

A polis empowers users to build their own subculture group as a consensus circle with the space to define their community rights and rules by themselves as a DAO. It is a necessary unit to raise an NFT project from incubation all the way through publishing to long term community operation, and even developing derivative projects based on their previous NFT. A user or a group, like a KOL or a cross-platform/cross-chain NFT projects who has already possessed certain consensus could adapt into HOOH as the form of a Polis directly with its followers. A Polis creates a niche to deposit and accumulate ideas and possibilities of potential NFT projects and solid consensus.

* Coming soon…


Open the mystery box of unlimited possibilities with AIGC

HOOH coupled with AIGC will definitely increase fun and possibility to the ecosystem like opening a mystery box. It could be used to generate a post or a template based on text input. It could also use to draw a new Social Pin. For polis, it could even be a tool to generate Hermmon gadgets for Polis bounty. Users could also play with AIGC by polishing the texts fed to AI as “Spells”. Sophisticate Spells could be traded in the market. AIGC provides a fine tool and more scenarios for building user consensus and new subculture circles.

Ad NFT, rethinking of Ad space and time

A new tool to advertise and a fresh style for decentralized social

Ad NFT is a decentralized way of Ad distribution and trading. Users could sell available position and time on their homepages as standardized Ad NFT. The distribution of Ad NFT is transparent with low transaction cost. Ad NFT creates new space and scenarios of NFT exposures and possible new consensus. It will unlock a role in HOOH as Ad hunters focusing on Ad NFT market. DID in HOOH provides multi-angle comprehensive real data to help estimate the value of Ad NFT. It may even generate a separate Ad NFT futures market.

Become an ever-growing ecosystem

Operate in self-consistency in a long run.

HOOH integrates NFT creation, social, incubation, publishing, post-publish community operation to be a cycle.



Stage I - Q1-Q2 2023

This stage opens the entrance to HOOH, and launch the creation tools. Through this portal, the first stage is to attract users and accumulate fragmented creation to prepare for the emergence of communities and potential NFT projects. Cross-chain and cross-platform NFT upload portal will open, Social Pins will be unlocked, curation function and NFT Keys will start internal testing. The predecessor of Polis, "Topics", will be on.

Stage II Q3-Q4 2023

Polis 1.0, include basic governance functions, will be ready. NFT Keys will be available for public testing and can be redeemed for a variety of new features in HOOH. Users will be able to start curating content in the ecosystem. At the same time, Ad NFT will go live, opening up a new phase of Ad NFT trading and "Ad NFT Social".

Stage III Q4 2023 -Q1 2024

At this stage, HOOH will gradually improve platform features and services to form a "incubation package" - Egg. Various NFTs other than incubated NFT projects can be traded in designated NFT marketplaces. Multimedia content curation will be unlocked. HOOH will launch Genesis NFT at this stage.

Stage IV Q3 2024

A variety of Hermmon-related scenarios and gameplay features will be available for Polis and individual users. At this stage,all functions and modules will be completed, and all kinds for NFTs in HOOH can be freely traded in marketplaces. HOOH ecosystem will basically enter a self-consistant and ever-growing phase.


Our team has been a long-term consultant in UI/UE designs, App developing, and marketing solutions with Global tycoons like Microsoft, apple and Google for over 10 years. We had also done various projects with Xi Qi art, Rock Star Cui Jian, and Blizzard We are curious, creative, innovative, and very down to earth.

In 2019, our team build funny hard-core popular science IP with over 5 million fans over the internet, and 600 thousand followers on Bilibili,which led to an exclusive broadcast contract with Bilibili.

At the same time, we had also designed and operated an UGC community reaching 4 million users from scratch, which had won the top awards among all domestic mainstream app stores within three months of its release, and successfully obtained two rounds of financing at this stage, including Mr. Gong Hongjia, who is known as the best angel investor in China and No. 144 in the 2021 Forbes Global List.

In 2021, the team worked closely with the NEAR Asia Pacific team to try to implement Web3 concept in this million-user community, and created 100,000 NEAR wallet sign-ups within 6 months.